I'm in the process of upgrading a project to Groovy v1.6. When I installed IntelliJ, my GROOVY_HOME environment variable was pointing to Groovy v1.5.7, but now that I've changed GROOVY_HOME to point to v1.6, it's not clear whether IntelliJ is also using the more recent version.

How can I check which version of Groovy IntelliJ is using?

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I believe you want to use the File -> Project Structure menu item. Then look at your Libraries and Facets (expand for Groovy) options.


Use "Add Framework Support":

Right click on your module and choose "Add Framework Support...". There you can add/change the groovy version


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    Not showing up in my Add Framework Support menu, even though I've already installed the plugin and am successfully using an older version of Groovy....
    – orbfish
    Dec 18, 2014 at 1:20

Found this old thread looking for a similar thing, but ended up figuring it out myself.

In my case, the project was boostrapped with Gradle. I didn't have a standalone Groovy version installed on my machine.

Open Tools -> Groovy Console..., and type pretty much any command and run it. It showed me the path to Gradle cache, which included Groovy version, near the top of the new window:


Also check build.gradle as it may have some hints as to which version the project uses.


Nowadays(2023) it's: File -> Project Structure -> Global Libraries, locate the current groovy version, then click "Change Version".

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