This question may be considered as naive for many users but I am new to MFC and I need an indication. I want to set a specific size to a SDI window but I fail to do it. I try the code in the CMainFrame class:

BOOL CMainFrame::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)
if( !CFrameWndEx::PreCreateWindow(cs) )
    return FALSE;


 cs.cy = 600; 
 cs.cx = 600; 
 cs.y = ((cs.cy * 3) - cs.cy) / 2; 
 cs.x = ((cs.cx * 3) - cs.cx) / 2;

 return CFrameWnd::PreCreateWindow(cs); 

The window still keeps its size though without any change.

As far as I am concerned, I can override the respective function in CWnd class to get to the same result. Given that I have not used the CWnd class till now in my program, how can I do that?


Move your code above the call of CFrameWndEx::PreCreateWindow

  • When I delete the lines if( !CFrameWndEx::PreCreateWindow(cs) ) return FALSE;. the program crashes. If I put the additional code above of it, nothing is changed again. The problem is that the function in any case returns FALSE. How I get over this? – arjacsoh Dec 22 '11 at 18:43
  • Just to check: run your application (with changes above), move and resize main application's window, and close application. Then start the application again. Is app's window on previous place or not? – qehgt Dec 22 '11 at 19:26

Is your class really derived from CFrameWndEx? And is that the class you have in the IMPLEMENT_DYNANIC / IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE line? And in the BEGIN_MESSSAGE_MAP line?

Think also on adding a ON_WM_CREATE to your message map and its OnCreatemethod for allowing other possibilities:

  • Do a similar thing to what you are doing int this new method.

  • Use SetWindowPos here

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