I try to create a pdf (use mPDF), but i have a problem.

Look at http://irk-studio.ru/files/763.pdf

The problem is float image and text. It looks as two columns page, but it`s not good for me.

html is very simple:

<div class="text">Some article text</div>
<div style="float:right">
 <img src="..." />
 <img src="..." />
  • Please add fix size on page so that flot css can work. – Vishal Patel Feb 9 '16 at 5:59

for floated divs do work properly in mPDF. You need to declare the div's width

see here


According to MPDF's manual

All Block level tags:

float   left|right

Partially supported as for CSS2 property.
NB Fixed-position or floating elements nested inside other fixed-position or floating elements are not supported.

Floating isn't completely supported as of 5.4. There is an example of how to do two columns in mPDF here: http://mpdf1.com/manual/index.php?tid=246


my solution

every floating div has the class (.fl or .fr)

.fl { float:left; }
.fr { float:right; }

        $(this).css('width',$(this).outerWidth( true ));

        $(this).css('width',$(this).outerWidth( true ));


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