I try to remove a prefix in array keys and every attempt is failing. What I want to achieve is to:

Having: Array ( [attr_Size] => 3 [attr_Colour] => 7 )

To Get: Array ( [Size] => 3 [Colour] => 7 )

Your help will be much appreciated...

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    So you just want to remove attr_ from your array keys? What has this got to do with implode()? Should attr_my_prop become my_prop, prop or something else? Most importantly, why? Can we see your "failing" code please? – Wesley Murch Dec 23 '11 at 9:42

One of the ways To Get:Array ( [Size] => 3 [Colour] => 7 ) From your Having: Array ( [attr_Size] => 3 [attr_Colour] => 7 )

$new_arr = array();
foreach($Your_arr as $key => $value) {

list($dummy, $newkey) = explode('_', $key);
$new_arr[$newkey] = $value;


If you think there'll be multiple underscores in keys just replace first line inside foreach with list($dummy, $newkey) = explode('attr_', $key);

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    See below for a more preferable answer. – Vael Victus Jan 29 '14 at 15:29
  • This should not be the approved answer IMO. See below for using the more proper array_keys() function. It avoids the loop in this answer. Sorry -1 down vote from me. – Ligemer Jun 17 '15 at 21:39
  • @Ligemer You can have your own opinion but that doesn't mean you are right. To get the result as described in the question you will need to loop. Too many of people like you troll around down voting without understanding what is required. – TigerTiger Jun 19 '15 at 10:00
  • @HappyApe, since you seem to have missed my point, I've added an answer just for you. Relax, it's just software. I was hoping you could improve your code but instead lashed out at me (I would have removed the down-vote had you changed it). Your answer isn't dynamic and relies on the key to have an underscore in it. My answer below accepts all strings as the prefix to replace. – Ligemer Jun 22 '15 at 22:06
  • @Ligemer - Now pot is calling the kettle black. You are telling me that I have missed the point but you're the one who seems to have missed the point. I answered the question saying "One of the ways to get the desired output is ..." The OP wasn't asking about to find the most dynamic or efficient way to explode the array keys but he simply wanted to achieve the desired output which my answer did and he accepted. I am not lashing out at you but you're answering this question after 4 years where I was the first person to answer this question then and all answers were posted after that. – TigerTiger Jun 23 '15 at 7:51

If I understood your question, you don't have to use implode() to get what you want.

define(PREFIX, 'attr_');

$array = array('attr_Size' => 3, 'attr_Colour' => 7);

$prefixLength = strlen(PREFIX);

foreach($array as $key => $value)
  if (substr($key, 0, $prefixLength) === PREFIX)
    $newKey = substr($key, $prefixLength);
    $array[$newKey] = $value;

print_r($array); // shows: Array ( [Size] => 3 [Colour] => 7 ) 
  • Brilliant! Works. Now it looks so simple. Thanks a lot. – rat4m3n Dec 23 '11 at 9:53
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    You're welcome. Please don't forget to upvote/accept answers you're satified with :) – Frosty Z Dec 23 '11 at 9:55

Here's something else to chew on that can be reused for multiple arrays in your application that have different key prefixes. This would be useful if you have Redis prefixed keys to remap or something of that nature.

$inputArray = array('attr_test' => 'test', 'attr_two' => 'two');

 * Used to remap keys of an array by removing the prefix passed in
 * Example:
 * $inputArray = array('app_test' => 'test', 'app_two' => 'two');
 * $keys = array_keys($inputArray);
 * array_walk($keys, 'removePrefix', 'app_');
 * $remappedArray = array_combine($keys, $inputArray);
 * @param $value - key value to replace, should be from array_keys
 * @param $omit - unused, needed for prefix call
 * @param $prefix - prefix to string replace in keys
function removePrefix(&$value, $omit, $prefix) {
    $value = str_replace($prefix, '', $value);

// first get all the keys to remap
$keys = array_keys($inputArray);

// perform internal iteration with prefix passed into walk function for dynamic replace of key
array_walk($keys, 'removePrefix', 'attr_');

// combine the rewritten keys and overwrite the originals
$remappedArray = array_combine($keys, $inputArray);

// see full output of comparison


array(2) {
  'attr_test' =>
  string(4) "test"
  'attr_two' =>
  string(3) "two"
array(2) {
  'test' =>
  string(4) "test"
  'two' =>
  string(3) "two"

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