I'm programming in NetBeans however i like to get used to Eclipse as well. I have a Maven project what i've developed in NetBeans and after importing it compiles fine in Eclipse. I'm using the Run or Debug feature of NetBeans a lot, and it's very comfortable that the run configuration gets stored with the project so i can actually commit it into version control and others can use it as well. Say i have a Java application project which has a main class. To run this, i need to define the correct class path for the exec goal (actually NetBeans automatically does this for me when creating the new project).

In Eclipse i have to define Run configurations which as far as i know gets stored in the workspace but not in the project. Is there any similar feature in Eclipse what i'm looking for?

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Yes - open "Run" then "Run Configurations...", and select your configuration. Click on the last tab, "Common". Under "Save As", choose "Shared File" instead of "Local File".

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This dialog is a little confusing. The line next to "Shared File" can only be a path, not a file name - and it defaults to the root path of the current project. Once you hit "Apply", a file named the [Run Configuration Name] + ".launch" is created within that folder. So in my above example, this results in a "/JavaTest/JavaTest.launch" file. This is something that can be comitted to version control.

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    A restart of Eclipse is needed.
    – androidyue
    Nov 5, 2014 at 8:02
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    @androidyue - no restart of Eclipse is required in my experience. If you still believe this to be the case, please elaborate on what doesn't work without a restart...
    – ziesemer
    May 15, 2015 at 12:51

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