I just want to find the element with a particular value for a custom attribute.

E.g. I want to find a the div which has the attribute data-divNumber="6".

var number = 6;
var myDiv = $('[data-divNumber = number]');

I tried using http://api.jquery.com/attribute-equals-selector/ but what I've done doesn't work.

There is precisely one element with that particular value for the attribute.

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var number = 6;
var myDiv = $('div[data-divNumber="' + number + '"]');
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    So does putting the div in here $('div[... specify only to look at div elements?
    – Chro
    Dec 25, 2011 at 5:58

You need to do some string addition to get the number into your selector and the value needs to be quoted.

var number = 6;
var myDiv = $('[data-divNumber="' + number + '"]');

What you're trying to produce after the string addition is this result:


I think what you need is:

var number = 6;
var myDiv = $('[data-divNumber="'+number+'"]');

With ES6 you can use string interpolation:

let number = 6;
let myDiv = $(`div[data-divNumber="${number}"]`);

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