Looks like intid support has landed to Plone (with Dexterity?)

However there is little information how intids behave or how they should be used (when to use, getting id, look-up by id, when to set id manually) and what packages are involved.

Are there any, even short, instructions regarding this matter?


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Intid support won't land in Plone any time soon, I think it is optional in Dexterity 1.1 and certainly will be in Dexterity 2.0 which is the version PLIP'ed for Plone 4.3. Just use the plone.uuid support instead (the broken-out Archetypes UID functionality) which is a dependency for Dexterity 1.1 and up.

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    Thanks for the information. Still now answer how to use it though :) Commented Dec 28, 2011 at 7:55

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