I'm running a debian server and because the pc is in my room and always running I want to shutdown the monitor.

I have no graphic interface so

xset dpms force off

doesn't work (returning: xset: unable to open display "")

I try "setterm powerdown" commands but it only "clear" the screen but it still produces light (black screen but with background light ... )

So after major google research I'm comming here. The cool thing will be shutdown monitor after inactivity and power on if a keyboard keys is pressed.

Only poweroff the screen will be fine because I'm using ssh to manage the server.

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    If it is in your room, can you not just press the power off button? – Bo Persson Dec 25 '11 at 19:33
  • It's a server, I do not want to shut it down or put it in hibernate mode. (And by the way I broke the power button a month ago, this is why it's became my @home server) – Cyrbil Dec 27 '11 at 19:51

I'm not an expert on linux commands but i remember that it is similiar to something "xset -display :0 dpms force off". You can try this one.


You can use vbetool (only on amd64 or i386). It requires root access, so run it from root or use sudo.

Switch monitor off: vbetool dpms off

Turn it on again (keyboard don't do it): vbetool dpms on


I'm running Ubuntu Server 14.04 and I went into:



 sudo nano brightness

and change it to 0

Hope it helps


Kupson: I didn't test vbetool. But I think it's a correct answer from what I see about vbetool. Emreakyilmaz: xset dpms force off or xset -display :0 dpms force off both don't work.

I solved it by disable the hibernate function when I close the laptop. So the screen turn off, but the pc still running.

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