How can I make changes to my main Application menu In Gnome3, Any configuration files Or any tool do this out There?


What do you mean by "main applications menu"? Are you referring to the 'Applications' section in the Activities Overview or do you have a GNOME Shell Extension which adds an applications menu to one of the panels?

In either case, they would be based on the Desktop Entry Specification and the Desktop Menu Specification from freedesktop.org.

So, if you just need to manipulate which applications appear in which categories you would edit the Categories key in the applications' .desktop file.

You can use Desktop Entry Editor to edit .desktop files in a GUI (run it as root to edit desktop entries for applications installed to the system dirs /usr/share/applications and /usr/local/share/applciations and run it as a normal user to create your own custom application launchers in ~/.local/share/applications.

You can also still use the GNOME 2-style menu editor in GNOME 3, alacarte, which is in the repos for most distros.


Install the alacarte the menu editor used to be exist in Gnome-2

I am on ArchLinux flow this: Menu Editing

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