when i access URL like this: http://www.misslee.net/_common/inc/mi3dark_down.asp it returns me to the real URL =>

I guess I was redirected.. I want to know the redirected URL. Please help me. How to get response url from HINTERNET?

 TCHAR szServerName[] = _T("www.misslee.net");  
 TCHAR szFormAction[] = _T("/_common/inc/mi3dark_down.asp");
 TCHAR szHeader[500] = {0,};
 LPCWSTR accept[2]={_T("*/*"), NULL};

 DWORD_PTR dwContext=1;
 BOOL  bResult;
 DWORD  dwSize;


 HINTERNET hConnect = InternetConnect( hInternet, szServerName, INTERNET_DEFAULT_HTTP_PORT, NULL, _T("HTTP/1.1"), INTERNET_SERVICE_HTTP, 0, dwContext);

 HINTERNET hRequest = HttpOpenRequest( hConnect, _T("POST"), szFormAction, _T("HTTP/1.1"), NULL, accept,INTERNET_FLAG_DONT_CACHE, dwContext);

 bResult = HttpSendRequest( hRequest, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);

// Redirected response url???????????

Use InternetQueryOption with INTERNET_OPTION_URL flag.


Retrieves a string value that contains the full URL of a downloaded resource. If the original URL contained any extra data, such as search strings or anchors, or if the call was redirected, the URL returned differs from the original. This option is valid on HINTERNET handles returned by InternetOpenUrl, FtpOpenFile, GopherOpenFile, or HttpOpenRequest. It is used by InternetQueryOption.

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You can use the HttpQueryInfo function with the HTTP_QUERY_LOCATION query information flag to get the response location.

From MSDN:


Retrieves the absolute Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) used in a Location response-header.

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I think you are seeing automatic WinInet redirect handling, where API receives redirection response and automatically re-sends another request to return redirected request data to the caller, thus handling redirects transparently.

If you are not happy with this, provide your request with INTERNET_FLAG_NO_AUTO_REDIRECT flag and disable redirections. You will receive the original response, query for headers and decide whether you want to issue second request or not.

Does not automatically handle redirection. This flag can also be used by InternetOpenUrl for HTTP requests.

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