I have a String and I want to get the words before and after the " - " (dash). How can I do that?

example: String:

"First part - Second part"


first: First part
second: Second part

With no error-checking or safety, this could work:

String[] parts = theString.split("-");
String first = parts[0];
String second = parts[1];
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Easy: use the String.split method.

Example :

final String s = "Before-After";
final String before = s.split("-")[0]; // "Before"
final String after = s.split("-")[1]; // "After"

Note that I'm leaving error-checking and white-space trimming up to you!

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int indexOfDash = s.indexOf('-');
String before = s.substring(0, indexOfDash);
String after = s.substring(indexOfDash + 1);

Reading the javadoc helps finding answers to such questions.

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use indexOf() and substring() method of String class, for the example given you can also use split() method

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    public void testSplit() {
        String str = "First part - Second part";
        String strs[] = str.split("-");
        for (String s : strs) {


First part

Second part

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  • I tried it myself and it works as expected. The only thing you have to do is to trim the strings. – Alfredo Osorio Dec 27 '11 at 16:04

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