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Im new to PHP and MySQL and Ive only seen posts related to this on Zend and ASP so Im looking for some advice to point me in the right direction for a LAMP project.

Im putting together a webform for a project of mine that logged in users will access to upload a submission. Each user will reuse previously uploaded files for each submission. At the bottom of the form the user can upload multiple files. Images, spreadsheets, and pdf's, etc. but I would like to give them access to files they have uploaded before rather than having to resubmit all new files for each submission. My question is what is your advice on accomplishing this? I figure I could have each user create a library of files that they could access from the form in some way. Maybe a list of files with checkboxes to select previously uploaded files? I haven't found much here or on google so Im not sure if there is a standard way to handle something like this.

Note that the users will only be reusing only their own images, not those of the community. If it makes a difference Im storing the images in MySQL as BLOB's. Thanks for any advice and information. Chris -

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This is a little bit generic for SO, and would probably find a warmer reception over at – DaveRandom Dec 27 '11 at 23:09
That might explain why I didn't find much on it here. I've come to rely on this site for too much! Thanks Dave, I'll try the other site. – Dev Newb Dec 27 '11 at 23:27
Don't store binary data in Database, have the images saved on Filesystem and insert path/filename to your table... – Roman Newaza Dec 28 '11 at 1:28
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Had to move this to a different forum. Sorry....

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