I'm learning Yii and got into url routing problem. I have a controller as follows

class PageController extends Controller
public function actionIndex()

    echo 'index';
    public function actionGetPage($page = '')
            echo $page;

and in config/main.php


How can i set url rules so when i use http://localhost/page/About it should work and print "About"


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On way to do it: In your route configuration, you should have something like:

'page/<key>' => 'page/index',

And define actionIndex() as follows:

public function actionIndex($key) {
  echo $key;

Note the extra parameter required by actionView... . That will be equal to the used in the URL.


Are you trying to make an easy function that handles all pages? Or just to get the About page to work?

If you do this:

public function actionAbout() {
   // code goes here

The view that gets called in actionAbout will be accessible at localhost/page/about

The page controller is what makes the /page/ work and the /about is defined by the name of your action. So anything after the action becomes the name in the URL. Hence:

public function actionTestingThis() {
    // code goes here

will be accessible at /page/testingThis Yii does camelcase and so the first T in TestingThis gets lowercased.

Does that answer your question?

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