I have online store that has simple products ( 1 product has 1 price and 1 color and 1 field for bought count ). How i want to extend that is to have ( 1 product has X price's and X colors and bought count for each of colors seperated ). So the regular approach to have specific count of fields for all values doesn't work here.

So my question: How would i store unknown count of prices and colors for 1 product and also bought count for each type of that product?

Do i serialize data from php and store it in BLOB field type? What would be suggested or industry standart way of doing this sort of thing?


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You should read up on relational databases, as it is an industrial standard. In your example, you could have one table with a certain ProductID, and your subsequential tables will reference their own rows of data to a certain ProductID through a reference table.

Here is a very basic example of how you could have a product articulate to multiple colors.

Products (table 1)
ProductID (int 20)
ProductName (varchar 250)
Description (text)
ProductPrice (float)

ProductToColor (table 2)
ProductID (int 20)
ColorID (int 20)

Color (table 3)
ColorID (int 20)
ColorName (varchar 250)
Description (text)

A very basic SQL to get all the colors that are under a specific product ID would be:

SELECT ProductID,Color.* FROM Products LEFT JOIN ProductToColor ON Product.ProductID = ProductToColor.ProductID LEFT JOIN Color ON ProductToColor.ColorID = Color.ColorID WHERE Product.ProductID = "1";

You should create a separate ProductColor table with ProductId, Color, and Price columns and one row per color per product.

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