I have a app that creates websites for users. Each website has many sections, all with their own URL.

I'm trying to find the most efficient way to build a sitemap for this app.

  1. I can successfully create one massive sitemap.xml file that lists all the links for the entire site. But this is over 100,000 urls.
  2. Another idea is to create a sitemap.xml for each individual website hosted on my app. So app.com/sitemap.xml would be a map of all the websites (app.com/website) and then app.com/website/sitemap.xml would be a sitemap of all the links

If I do #2, how would I create that using django's sitemap tool? The docs have helped with with #1, but I can't figure out #2.


You can Subclass the Sitemap class to provide your own Sitemap implementation that will be referenced by your "parent" Sitemap. Take a look at the documentation for an example. Also, you'll have to generate a Sitemap index, as described here.

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