Currently there's no Symfony2 book but the Symfony 2 documentation. Anyone knows if there's a Symfony2 book coming out soon?

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Well, the official book is really a book. A guy once told us on the #symfony channel he printed it and it took ~400 pages, IIRC.

I learned Symfony by this official book and with the help of community on the IRC channel.

And I once met another guy on the channel, who asked several questions on the framework, stating that he was writing a Symfony book. But I'm not sure, whether he was referring to a “real” book we will someday be able buy on Amazon.com or to just another web book.

What I didn't like is that the guy was asking so basic questions, that I noticed he's not a real practitioner who works in the trenches and uses the framework for doing real projects. I mean, even if that book comes out, I doubt it will be as real world and of such high quality as the official one, which is written by core Symfony developers.


The core book written by the original creators of Symfony 2 is sufficient in itself to provide you an expert training in Symfony 2. So, I don't think you need any other book to learn symfony.

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