I have some arrays that I'd like to unset based on a key.

For example, let's say I have this array:

$array = array(
  'one' => array('item' => '1'),
  'two' => array('item' => '2')

If I want to unset the nested array with key 'two', I could do:


or if I wanted to unset just the item array for key 'two', I could do:


I want to dynamically delete array items based on known keys. So for example, I know I want to delete ['two']['item'].

How do I pass those two arguments to a method, that can then be appended to an array?


//This works fine if it's only the first item in the array
function deleteArray($keys)

But when we want to delete nested items, this would not work. I could pass in the keys as an array such as array('two', 'item') and build the index off of this, but not sure how....

Any help would be great! thank you!


You can use this function:

function delete(&$array, $keys)
   $key = array_shift($keys);

   if (count($keys) == 0)
      delete($array[$key], $keys);

Try with a recursive function:

function deleteArray(&$array, $keys) {
    if ( count($keys) == 1 )
       unset( $array[$keys[0]] );
       $k = array_shift($keys);
deleteArray($this->arr, array("three","item","blabla")); // This erase $this->array["three"]["item"]["blabla"]
function deleteArray($keys)
$keyarray = explode($keys, " ");

I edited it a bit (won't work!) maybe somebody could continue that. Maybe it is possible with a while() ...

  • What if there are 10 arguments? Ideally, the number of arguments would be dynamic. – David Dec 29 '11 at 21:52
  • Well no, sry I don't know if that's possible. – Dion Dec 29 '11 at 22:01

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