If you're using Opera 9.5x you may notice that our client-side JQuery.Validate code is disabled here at Stack Overflow.

function initValidation() {
    if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera") != -1) return;
    $("#post-text").rules("add", { required: true, minlength: 5 });

That's because it generates an exception in Opera! Of course it works in every other browser we've tried. I'm starting to seriously, seriously hate Opera.

This is kind of a bummer because without proper client-side validation some of our requests will fail. We haven't had time to put in complete server-side messaging when data is incomplete, so you may see the YSOD on Opera much more than other browsers, if you forget to fill out all the fields on the form.

Any Opera-ites want to uncomment those lines (they're on core Ask & Answer pages like this one -- just View Source and search for "Opera") and give it a go?

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turns out the problem was in the

{ debug : true }

option for the JQuery.Validate initializer. With this removed, things work fine in Opera. Thanks to Jörn Zaefferer for helping us figure this out!

Oh, and the $50 will be donated to the JQuery project. :)


I can't seem to reproduce this bug. Can you give more details?

I have my copy of Opera masquerading as Firefox so the validation should be executing:

>>> $.browser.opera 

When I go to the edit profile page and enter a malformed date, the red text comes up and says "Please enter a valid date". That's jQuery.Validate working, right? Does it only fail on certain forms/fields?

This is Opera 9.51 on WinXP.

Edit: testing editing on Opera.

Edit: It also works when I comment out the "if ($.browser.opera) return;" line on a copy of the edit profile page I saved locally. I really can't reproduce this bug. What is your environment like? (Vista? Opera plugins?)


I'm not up on .NET but I'm guessing YSOD implies uncaught errors, if that's the case then isn't relying on client-side validation alone a little risky? If not then errors that are caught can be converted to something useful for the Opera crowd - even if it is just a Screen Of Death painted white with validation grumbles ...

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