Am trying to understand how the Android Open Accessory API works with the Arduino ADK board, I've been able send and receive information but I just want to know how everything works. I got to this function description:

int AndroidAccessory::read(void *buff, int len, unsigned int nakLimit) {
  return usb.newInTransfer(1, in, len, (char *)buff, nakLimit); 

From some googling I figured that NAK is some code that gets sent if something went wrong during the handshake, so is NAK limit the number of communication errors one is able to receive?

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NAK is no Communication error. It simply states that the Device is not ready to send a reply or that there are no data to send at this moment. As I understand it the NAK limit in this function will just make sure that there's a defined end for the function. In case of Full Speed USB a NAK will be generated every 1ms. For more information about the NAK try this: http://www.beyondlogic.org/usbnutshell/usb3.shtml#USBPacketTypes

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