What's the right way, to handle versioning indicators like 2.4 or etc. to get the ability of sorting versions.

PHP says, that 1.3.4 is not a valid integer, but also a non-valid number.


PHP has a version_compare function. Use usort to sort it. Like following. :)

$a = array('2.4','2.3.4','');
usort($a, 'version_compare');

Or, just use natsort:

$array = array('2.4','2.16.6','2.3.4','');

#Array ( [2] => 2.3.4 [0] => 2.4 [3] => [1] => 2.16.6 )
  • natsort is a bad choice if versions may contain -RC1 or other non-numeric data: version_compare will put RC versions before the stable one (ex: "Twig-1.0.0-RC1", "Twig-1.0.0-RC2", "Twig-1.0.0") where netsort will return a wrong "Twig-1.0.0", "Twig-1.0.0-RC1", "Twig-1.0.0-RC2" – Alain Tiemblo Jun 9 '17 at 5:42

Storing it as a string allows you to make use of the version_compare() function:

$versions = array('2.4','2.3.4','');
usort($versions, 'version_compare');
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    I think I answerd the usort version before you. You edited later. :P – Shiplu Mokaddim Dec 31 '11 at 22:18

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