I'd like to access an existing postgres database, which is on my local (mac) machine, from haskell.

I can see quite a few postgres packages on hackage. Which is likely to be the easiest for me to use?


postgresql-simple, a binding to libpq, was just announced, and seems to have a nice feature set. I haven't used it myself (or indeed PostgreSQL from Haskell at all), but it seems to have community support, so I'd recommend it if you don't want to use a particular library on top (like HDBC or persistent).

The alternatives appear to be libpq (another binding to libpq), which postgre-simple is based on, and pgsql-simple (a direct implementation of the wire protocol in Haskell), which, going by the post, doesn't seem ready for prime-time yet, and is not on Hackage.

There is also a PostgreSQL driver for HDBC; the PostgreSQL backend for the persistent library (as used in Yesod) is based on it.

  • ok thanks, I'll give postgresql-simple a go. – Peter Hall Jan 3 '12 at 3:30

Opaleye is a higher-level alternative to postgresql-simple. It uses postgresql-simple under the hood but provides a typesafe and composable API.


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