Is it possible to reference resource files (e.g. layout files) in javadoc? I could not find this in the developer docs.

  • in resource files (strings, arrays ...) the comments placed right before an element are reproduced in the R.java file (therefore you may use the javadoc from the R file), but I don't know for the layouts
    – njzk2
    Jan 3, 2012 at 13:27

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Yup it is,

In your javadoc: {@link com.yourApp.R.layout#layoutName}

  • The link points to an integer value, not the xml file in the res folder.
    – wgm
    Feb 8, 2020 at 6:57

I've used #

{@link R.layout#dialog_player_info}

instead of a dot

{@link R.layout.dialog_player_info}

And now it's all OK. Before I was getting this error in Android Studio

Cannot resolve symbol 'R.layout.dialog_player_info' less... (Ctrl+F1) 
This inspection points out unresolved references inside javadoc

Yes, but the whole process may involve

  • creating a temp folder
  • copy your source files into this temp folder
  • copy your layout files into this folder (possibly in a doc-files subfolder)
  • running the Javadoc command from this temp folder

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