I've got a function like:

public Playlist createPlaylist(@FormParam("name") String name)
    Playlist p = playlistDao.create();
    return p;

I want the "name" parameter to come from the form OR from the query parameter. If the user posts to /playlist/create/?name=bob then I want it to work. (This is mostly to aid with testing the API, but also for consuming it on different non-browser platforms.)

I'd be willing to subclass whatever makes the magic binding work... (@BothParam("name") String name) but would need some help to make that happen as I'm new to Jersey/Java Servlets.

Update: The next day...

I've solved this by implementing a ContainerRequestFilter that merges the form parameters into the query parameters. This isn't the best solution, but it does seem to work. I didn't have any luck merging anything into the form parameters.

Here's the code in case someone comes looking for it:

public ContainerRequest filter(ContainerRequest request) 
    MultivaluedMap<String, String> qParams = request.getQueryParameters();
    Form fParams = request.getFormParameters();
    for(String key : fParams.keySet())
        String value = fParams.get(key).get(0);
        qParams.add(key, value);

I would still appreciate knowing if there is a better way to do this so I'll leave this question open for now.

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One way you could do this is with an InjectableProvider.

First, you'd define a BothParam annotation:

@Target({ ElementType.PARAMETER, ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.FIELD })
public @interface BothParam { String value(); }

Then, define an InjectableProvider for it:

public class BothParamProvider implements Injectable<String>, InjectableProvider<BothParam, Type> {    
    @Context private HttpContext httpContext;
    private String parameterName;

    public BothParamProvider(@Context HttpContext httpContext) {
        this.httpContext = httpContext;

    public String getValue() {        
        if (httpContext.getRequest().getQueryParameters().containsKey(parameterName)) {
            return httpContext.getRequest().getQueryParameters().getFirst(parameterName);
        } else if(httpContext.getRequest().getFormParameters().containsKey(parameterName)) {
            return httpContext.getRequest().getFormParameters().getFirst(parameterName);
        return null;

    public ComponentScope getScope() {
        return ComponentScope.PerRequest;

    public Injectable getInjectable(ComponentContext cc, BothParam a, Type c) {        
        parameterName = a.value();
        return this;

Note, this is not truly a coupling of QueryParam and FormParam. Targets annotated with either of those are injected in a much more sophisticated manner. However, if your needs are sufficiently limited, the method outlined above might work for you.

  • I couldn't find Injectable and InjectableProvider class. Are they dropped off in the recent Jersey lib? Is there any replacement?
    – Gelin Luo
    Nov 26, 2015 at 2:51
  • If by recent Jersey lib you are referring to a 2.x release, then, yes, I believe there is a replacement - stackoverflow.com/questions/18463311/… Nov 27, 2015 at 18:08

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