I am new to this maven concepts ,I read some theoretical articles about maven ,so next is I want learn it by practicing some examples in Eclipse , I googled for step to set-up maven in eclipse ,but I didnt get correct approach for this,,, It would be great if some one guide me in this.. Thank u


Watch the video tutorial on Eclipse m2e website. The basic steps are:

  • Select Help > Install New Software. This should display the "Install" dialog.
  • Paste the Update Site URL (http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases) into the field named "Work with:" and press Enter. Pressing Enter should cause Eclipse to update list of available plugins and components.
  • Choose the component, Click Next. Eclipse will then check to see if there are any issues which would prevent a successful installation.
  • Click Next and agree to the terms.
  • Click Finish to begin the installation process. Eclipse will then download and install the necessary components.
  • Once the installation process is finished, Eclipse will ask you if you want to restart the IDE.

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing/integrating Maven with Eclipse, up to date as of August 2013.

(Note: the latest version of Eclipse is Kepler, which already has Maven installed. If you are using Kepler, verify that you have it installed by going to Help => About Eclipse, and then clicking on Installation Details).

1. Go to Help => Eclipse Marketplace. Search for Maven, and select Maven Integration for Eclipse. Click Install.

Eclipse Marketplace

2. Verify all three boxes are checked, then click Confirm.


3. When you're done, restart Eclipse.


You need to install Maven plugin for eclipse.

This article shows how to install maven http://www.roseindia.net/maven2/maven_2_eclipse_plugin.shtml

After that you can setup maven project by right clicking on the project.


help -> eclipse marketplace -> search for m2e and install it enter image description here

After this you will get different options like converting one project to maven project or creating a new maven projecct.

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