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I have domain registered with onlinenic.com. I have purchased shared hosting from webhostingworld.net. They provided following link ->

What changes should I made in DNS records, so that I can host subdomain(demo) on above mentioned shared hosting url ( ).

In other words, how following scenario would be accomplished.

demo.example.com ->

Thanks in advance

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Wouldn't that be done through a vhosts configuration for demo.example.com in e.g. apache while just pointing example.com to your ip? –  bkzland Jan 4 '12 at 8:21

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Whenever you purchase a shared hosting, they usually give you access to a CPanel(control panel) and a welcome mail will be sent to you. In the welcome mail you will see something called nameserver. Note down the IP of the name servers there.

You have mentioned that you purchased domain from onlineinc.com. When you purchase a domain, you will always get a way to manage that domain. Now login into that panel and then edit the nameserver it is pointing to the nameserver you previously had.

You can also create more domains there and then point the nameservers of that.

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