My English issnt so good sorry for that.

i have a array:

Array ( [name] => Array 
                      [0] => Sorry the name is missing! 
                      [1] => Sorry the name is to short! 

Now I want to test with in_array for eg "name".

if (in_array("name", $false["name"])) {
echo "the array keys";

but it dsnt work. could annybody help me please? thanks a lot.

  • When you test for name, what should be the outcome of the test? That name is an array or a string?
    – hakre
    Jan 4, 2012 at 14:06

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Try array_key_exists(): link

if(array_key_exists('name', $false['name'])) {
    echo $false['name'][0]; // or [1] .. or whatever you want to echo

in_array() does not work with multi-dimensional arrays, so it is not possible to use in_array() here. When you are searching "name" in in_array() it searches in the first array and finds a key of the array named "name".

Better to use array_key_exists function. An example is given below: (remember it is only a suggestion. code may vary)

if(array_key_exists('name', $false['name'])) {
    echo $false['name'][0]; // or [1] .. or whatever you want to echo
//$false['name'] array contains your searched data in different keys; 0,1,2,....

You can use foreach() to loop the first array then search using in_array() but that will not be a good method because it will take more time to find.
Best of luck :)


Maybe you need to walk through the array first, then check it

function in_multiarray($str, $array)
    $exists = false;

    if (is_array($array)) {
       foreach ($array as $arr):
           $exists = in_multiarray($str, $arr);
    } else {
        echo $array . ' = ' . $str . "\n";
        if (strpos($array, $str) !== false) $exists = true;

    return $exists;

in_array() looks for the exact value. So you would need to specify "Sorry the name is missing!" instead of just "name".

For example:

if (in_array("Sorry the name is missing!", $false["name"])) {
    echo "the array keys";


$false = array( 'name' => array( 
    0 => 'Sorry the name is missing!',
    1 => 'Sorry the name is to short!'),

If you are searching for array key name in your main array:

$arr = array( "name" => array( 
                      "0" => "Sorry the name is missing!", 
                      "1" => "Sorry the name is to short!" 

if(array_key_exists('name', $arr)) {
    print_r( $arr['name'] );
} else {
    echo "array key not found";


It will not find name if you will search in $arr['name'] because it contains only 0 and 1 array keys at this level.


If you are wanting to use in_array you just need to put the second parameter as the array you have defined example

//do your stuff
print_r($false['name']); //this will print the array of name inclusive of [0] and [1]

There are more example given in the in_array php manual. please check it out.

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