I've got python script (ala #! /usr/bin/python) and I want to debug it with pdb. How can I pass arguments to the script?

I have a python script and would like to debug it with pdb. Is there a way that I can pass arguments to the scripts?

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python -m pdb myscript.py arg1 arg2 ...

This invokes pdb as a script to debug another script. You can pass command-line arguments after the script name. See the pdb doc page for more details.


usually I use ipython

    If running code from the command line, become interactive afterwards.
    It is often useful to follow this with `--` to treat remaining flags as
    script arguments.

ipython --pdb -i -- test.py -a

python3 -m pdb myscript.py -a val if using argparse with flag "a" and value "val"


If, like me, you prefer the more graphical pudb debugger, you can pass the arguments of your script directly by doing:

pudb myscript.py arg1 arg2 ...

Indeed, invoking:

 python -m pudb myscript.py arg1 arg2 ...

won't work will return with the following error:

No module named pudb.__main__; 'pudb' is a package and cannot be directly executed

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