I have 2 branches

1) /main/branch1_tv - <vob>/se/ip/FolderA, folderB...

2) /main/branch1_tv/branch2_tv - <vob>/se/ip/FolderC

I have created a Label [Label_1_tv]. What i want to do is have one config spec that will display all the labled folders and files in it in 1 view.

Notes: CC 7.1.1. Branch1 is off of Main/0.
branch 2 is off of /main/0 and /branch1/0.
I have labeled all the elements in branch 1 from the VOB level and FolderC and all its elements.

I think this will help by being able to display elements from several locations in 1 view and make building and developing easier.

Thank you for your help.


First, the easiest thing is to test your config spec in a dynamic view: it is much quicker to change a config spec and update (almost instantly) the content of a dynamic view as opposed to a snapshot view.

Then all you need is a set of selection rules like (for seeing one label):

cd m:\view1
cleartool edcs
<edit the config spec with>
element * .../branch1/Label_1_tv
element * /main/LATEST

Note the .../branch1/LATEST syntax: you don't need to care from which branch (/main or otherwise) branch1 is coming from.

See "How a config spec works for more.
"Config spec rules for elements in subbranches" can be of interest for Branch2.

If you want to see both labels, the order of the rules is important:

element * .../branch2/Label_2_tv
element * .../branch1/Label_1_tv
element * /main/LATEST

For any given version:

  • you select first Label_2_tv in branch2,
  • if there is no Label_2_tv or branch2, then you try and select Label_1_tv in branch1.
  • if not, as a fallback rule, you select main/LATEST (there always at least one version on branch main)

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