Inspired by Ben Nadel's post, I thought I would use .promise() with asynchronous commands. Here's what I've got so far, but it 1) it doesn't work, 2) it could be improved even if it did work.

var dbo = openDatabase('dbName','1.0','Description goes here', 1048576);

console.log(jQuery.fn.jquery); // 1.7.1
var myPromise1 = dbo.transaction(function(myTrans) {
    myTrans.executeSql('drop table myTable;');
myPromise1.done(function() {
    var myPromise2 = dbo.transaction(function(myTrans) {
            'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS myTable' 
            + '(FieldID Integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY'
            + ',FieldName Text'
            + ');'
    myPromise2.done(function() {
        dbo.transaction(function(myTrans) {
            myTrans.executeSql("INSERT INTO myTable(FieldID,FieldName) VALUES(1,'A'");
            myTrans.executeSql("INSERT INTO myTable(FieldID,FieldName) VALUES(2,'B'");
            myTrans.executeSql("INSERT INTO myTable(FieldID,FieldName) VALUES(3,'C'");

I'm trying to not use callbacks. Maybe I should put the .promise() in the callback parameter position.



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