I'm buiding a web app and trying to make it touch-enabled.

I've got a list which needs to be scrolled (I'm currently using iScroll)

Items in the list can be clicked.

Items in the list can be dragged (I'm hoping).

I'm using the following code to disable clicks when scrolling

var myScrollingList = new iScroll('list_scrolling' ,
       onScrollMove: function() {
        $('a').bind('click', function(e){ e.preventDefault();});
     onScrollEnd : function(){

I'm using the following code (with jQuery longclick) to tell the difference between a click and a long-click so that I can have a long-click trigger the dragging

                helper: function(){
                                return  jQuery(this).clone().appendTo('body').css('zIndex',500);
            return false;

            console.log('short click');
            return false;

The great news is that I can scroll without triggering the 'long-click'.

The problems are two-fold

1) the regular click gets triggered at the end of scrolling, but not the 'short-click', so it is the regular non-javascript click event that is getting triggered.

2) my ev.target.draggable is not making the target drag. Is there a way to create that target into a draggable element? Or am I better off just cloning the elment and then somehow setting the clone as draggable? Or any other suggestions.

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