I don't know much about WebSphere, but I need to know the configured heap size for WebSphere.

I checked out with ps -ef and grep it by WebSphere hoping for Xms, Xmx to show up but could not see those arguments in the process result. (MaxPermSize was listed, though)

How can I check the xms, xmx, and optionaly the current usage? I way not using GUI is prefered, but if no easy way, then GUI is ok.


You can obtain this information with the wsadmin scripting tool. Specifically, the following Jython commands (or download this file) will do the trick:

server = AdminConfig.getid('/Server:yourServerName/')
jvm = AdminConfig.list('JavaVirtualMachine', server)

print 'initialHeapSize: ' + AdminConfig.showAttribute(jvm, 'initialHeapSize')
print 'maximumHeapSize: ' + AdminConfig.showAttribute(jvm, 'maximumHeapSize')

Edit: the above only shows you values you've explicitly configured. Here are alternate commands which will also show the value even if it's the JVM default:

jvmName = AdminControl.completeObjectName('WebSphere:type=JVM,process=yourServerName,*')
  • Thanks, I will give it a try. – user865871 Jan 8 '12 at 5:50

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