I have been using flexjson api to serialize and deserialize a map with integer keys. Now while deserializing the map keys gets converted to string. Is there some way in which the keys can be retained as integer.

Here is a sample code block

Map<Integer,Object> map = new HashMap<Integer, Object>();
map.put(1, "a");
flexjson.JSONSerializer serializer = new flexjson.JSONSerializer();
String serializedMapString = serializer.serialize(map);

flexjson.JSONDeserializer<Map<Integer,Object>> deserializer = new flexjson.JSONDeserializer<Map<Integer,Object>>();
Map<Integer,Object> deserializedMap = deserializer.deserialize(serializedMapString);

for(Integer key: deserializedMap.keySet()){

The deserialization doesn't give any errors, but the keys get converted to String.


This is possible with Genson like that:

Genson genson = new Genson();
Map<Integer, Object> result = genson.deserialize(json, new GenericType<Map<Integer, Object>>() {});

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