I am able trim all the contents in file

$lines=(Get-Content $BaselineFile)

foreach ($line in $lines) { $line= $line.Trim() }

But how to put back the result in same file. ($Baselinefile)


Here's a nice 2 liner:

$lines=(Get-Content $BaselineFile) | foreach{ $_.Trim()}  
$lines > $BaselineFile
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    Thanks buddies.Both are great answers and gave me a clue to make it as a single liner. "(Get-Content $BaselineFile) | foreach{ $_.Trim()} | Out-File $BaselineFile" – Samselvaprabu Jan 6 '12 at 10:42

This is more concise:

(gc $BaseLineFile)| % {$_.trim()} | sc $BaseLineFile
  • One more good tip . Thanks – Samselvaprabu Jan 6 '12 at 14:02
$lines=(Get-Content $BaselineFile)
$newcontent = foreach ($line in $lines) { $line.Trim()} 
$newcontent | out-file $BaselineFile

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