I have a set of variables I allow some people I work with to edit. These are True (T) and False (F) values, but I have some people that insist on putting t and f instead of the upper case values respectively.

I use the following workaround code to properly set uppercase values:

IF '%dotnet35%'=='f' set dotnet35=F
IF '%dotnet35%'=='t' set dotnet35=T
IF '%dotnet40%'=='f' set dotnet40=F
IF '%dotnet40%'=='t' set dotnet40=T
IF '%regedit%'=='f' set regedit=F
IF '%regedit%'=='t' set regedit=T
IF '%SSL%'=='f' set SSL=F
IF '%SSL%'=='t' set SSL=T

This is however extremely bulky and it's not easy on the eyes... is there any other way of doing this without using VBS or any other programming language?

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Read HELP IF : the /I switch, if specified, says to do case insensitive string compares. The /I switch can also be used on the string1==string2 form of IF.

So try IF /I %SSL%==F ...

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