Is there a method to determine the size of a specific instance of a model/document in a MongoDB using Mongoid?

  • I actually figured out a solution to get the number of bytes of a specific document: BSON.serialize(Model.first.as_document).size – Tom Johnson Jan 7 '12 at 22:26

So you can get the theoretical size of the document as you illustrated in your comment (BSON.serialize(Model.first.as_document).size).

However, it should be noted that this may not be the actual size of the object "on disk". MongoDB will automatically add a buffer to new documents to allow them to grow in-place. When it comes to getting the actual size on disk for one specific document I do not believe this is possible.

However, you can get an average buffer by using db.collection_name.stats().


Solution for 2015 and mongoid (4.0.2):


This works for Mongoid 3.1.0:


For mongoid 3.x you can use Moped::BSON::Document

for example :

your_document = Model.find(id)
# get size
size = Moped::BSON::Document.serialize(your_document.as_document).size

Working for MongoID 5.x. With the mongo shell and MongoID is straightforward:

  1. Pick up your object id

    ModelName.first.id # then copy your_id

  2. Run mongo console


  3. Get the size in bytes of the document

    Object.bsonsize(db.modelname.find({"_id": ObjectId("your_id")}))

  • This isn't what he's talking about. Mongoid is a Ruby ORM for MongoDB. – ZachM Jun 25 '18 at 16:01

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