I am new to java and have been looking at few tutorials around GIS or geogrpahical GUI java applications.

Many of them mention and seem to require swingx-ws or swing labs componet and classes.

I have managed to track down some old versions, but they dont seem to have the desired affect in my Jform application.

Basically when I try and drag and drop after adding the .jar to my libraries folder I get the stop smoking sign (joke) or rejected symbol.

I have also added the components to the palette through palette manager and they appear once selected, but when I attempt to add I am shown a javja no class error.

Alot of the links in the tutorials seem to send me to dead sites and are pretty old.

Basically my question is. Is swingx-ws still an active option for adding mapping functionality to java gui apps? And if not, are there any other alternatives?

Thanks in advance

This is the tutorial I am trying to follow.


I don't know what features you are looking for, but take a look at JMapViewer and see if it will do the trick.

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    Note that JMapViewer by OpenStreetMap is different than JXMapViewer (and JXMapKit) by the SwingX-ws project. – Pixel Feb 24 '12 at 14:28

Outdated answer, there are much newer options out there:

I have used JOSM as a library of map components, but as it is not its intended use, it may not be quite straight forward.

You can also use gvSIG2 as a library of map components. They rearranged the code on this version(2) to make it simpler to use gvSIG as a library, but this version is still on a beta phase.


A couple years late, but here is the answer you were looking for:

Internal link to Stack Overflow Q&A

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