Whenever I try to use any of the built-in functions of Python's exponentiation and logarithms module, I get an error like this:

NameError: name 'sqrt' is not defined

I have tried using math.sqrt(4),sqrt(4) and sqrt(4.0), but none of them work. The exception is pow, which works as it's supposed to. This is really strange and I'm not sure what's wrong.


pow is built into the language(not part of the math library). The problem is that you haven't imported math.

Try this:

import math

You can also import as

from math import *

Then you can use any mathematical function without prefixing math. e.g.



import math

at beginning. and then use:

math.sqrt(num)  # or any other function you seem neccessary

You need to say math.sqrt when you use it. Or, do from math import sqrt.

Hmm, I just read your question more thoroughly.... How are you importing math? I just tried import math and then math.sqrt which worked perfectly. Are you doing something like import math as m? If so, then you have to prefix the function with m (or whatever name you used after as).

pow is working because there are two versions: an always available version in __builtin__, and another version in math.

import math #imports math module

import math as m

from math import sqrt #imports a method from math module

from math import sqrt as s

from math import *


from math import sqrt

Using sqrt(4) works perfectly well. You need to only use math.sqrt(4) when you just use "import math".


import math as m a=int(input("Enter the no")) print(m.sqrt(a))

from math import sqrt print(sqrt(25))

from math import sqrt as s print(s(25))

from math import * print(sqrt(25))

All works.

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    Dont put the code directly. Provide explanation. Go through this link to answer better – Sumanth Shastry Apr 23 at 11:03

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