I have a site that I am manually adding Spanish and Portuguese support to via resource files and GetGlobalResourceObject() in my pages.

I have several types of users that have essentially their own sections of the site. I currently only have one big Language.resx file (for each language) that holds all the "translations".

My Question:

Would having one big resource file for the entire site be a performance bottle neck vs having 1 resource file per page/form?

The files contain about 800 lines of text. I am currently using excel to generate the resource files (xml) via concatenate(), which makes it easy for me to update the .resx files at this point.



The reasons for having multiple resource files are:

  • Organizational - it is easier to organize and find the resources for each language
  • Deployment - changes to any single language translations can be deployed independently

Performance wise - having a single file would, under normal circumstances cause less IO than having the same information across multiple files. However, since this is a cost that is only incurred once (when reading the resource files), it would normally be negligible.

  • So are resource files only loaded once (upon first time access), then only loaded again after a file update or server restart? – ToddBFisher Jan 9 '12 at 17:26
  • @ToddBFisher - As far as I know. – Oded Jan 9 '12 at 17:37

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