Suppose I have three octave scripts a.m, b.m, c.m, and two global variables x, y. Is it possible to define these global variables in such a way that they can be shared across scripts? For example in a separate include file?

More Generally, how do global variables in GNU octave work?

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It seems you have to declare the variable global, and you also have to explicitly tell Octave that the variable you are referencing is in a different (global) scope.

in library.m

global x = 1;

in main.m

function ret = foo()
    global x;
    5 * x;

foo() should return 5


How to use global Variables in Octave:

Make a file called tmp.m and put the following code in it.

global x;   %make a global variable called x
x = 5;       %assign 5 to your global variable
tmp2();     %invoke another function

Make another file called tmp2.m and put the following code in there:

function tmp2()
  %the following line is not optional, it tells this function go go out and get
  %the global variable, otherwise, x will not be available.
  global x 

When you run the above code like this:

octave tmp.m

You get this output:

x =  5

The global variable x was preserved in tmp.m and retrieved in tmp2.m


Something like:

A file with global variables globals.m with:

global my_global = 100;

And just use source inside each file. For example:

source globals.m

global my_global

printf("%d\n", my_global);

Not sure this is the best solution, but I ended up creating a wrapper script, from which all the other scripts are called. I put my globals inside that wrapper script

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