I am in the process of evaluating several service frameworks and one of them is OpenRasta.

Despite being taken a bit aback for the lack of organization (multiple source code repositories, lack of binary downloads, outdated build instructions and the end result of the build, OpenRasta.dll, has version after building the openrasta-core repository), I managed my way to start building a site with a service that serves a bit of Xml (I did include OpenRasta.Hosting.AspNet and configured the handlers and modules as per IIS or Cassini).

But the very first time I hit the site (both IIS Express and VS Dev Server) I get a ArgumentNullException coming from the PipelineStage.cs. Apparently the pipeline.CallGraph property is null.

My configuration source is a mere:


As I mentioned I am using the code I cloned from the openrasta-core repository as of yesterday.

Thanks in advance


try wrapping resource registrations in

using (OpenRastaConfiguration.Manual)

Also check this out;


Hope this helps

  • That was exactly the problem!So stupid to not follow the basic example point by point and being carried out by the sexy configuration API. It could give a better exception message, though... – Daniel Gonzalez Jan 19 '12 at 10:23
  • Agreed the message isn't that obvious. When you think about sort of makes sense "I don't know how to handle this" i.e. it's a problem with the handler registration. It would be good if OpenRasta threw an exception when no registrations where found on app start. – Antony Denyer Jan 19 '12 at 13:52

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