Can someone give good links to give SCJP Mock Tests.

I am presently using Link1 and Link2 for the same. Link1 has good number of questions on some particular concepts. I found many repeated questions on Link2.

Some database or URL for good SCJP 1.6 questions?


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The no of sites provide free mock exams, but most of questions are not highly similar to the OCJP 1.6 exam. Most important thing is you can get the idea of exam, by looking at these tests.

I can recommend this site, http://examlab.tk/scjp6.html

It provide no of good questions, but this is tough exam simulator. I already did in 3 years ago. If you can get 40 0r 50% of this, then definitely you can pass the SUN exam.

Other good sites


Other than above free sites and links please try this book. You can at least 10 or 15 similar questions from this book. Highly recommended this.

And check with google for other sites and links.

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