We need to implement role-based security across our solution which has asp.net, winforms and web service entry points. We will also need some front end to configure it. I really don't feel like rolling my own,s I have done it a few times before and it is tedious.

I have historically not been a fan of the MS ABs because I found them to be over architected and inadequately unit-tested, but I haven't touched them for a few years.

Is the Security AB worth a look, or should I use an alternative? What would you recommend?


It is early days still, but I have now investigated both the Security AB and another solution called NetSqlAzMan. I found the latter to be vastly superior - in fact it is absolutely fantastic.


EDIT: A year or two down the road now and we are tremendously happy with NetSqlAzMan.

  • are you still using netsqlazman, I am not able to use it as RolesProvider, get this error : 'Keyword not supported: 'storename'. – inlokesh Dec 20 '16 at 16:37

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