I am trying to translate this centering code snip in Objective-C into MonoTouch

imageView.frame.origin.x = CGRectGetMidX(view.bounds) - 

But can't find where Origin is.


MonoTouch maps GCRect to System.Drawing.RectangleF since it's closer to what .NET developers have been using (e.g. System.Drawing / Windows Forms...).

As such imageView.frame.origin.x will become imageView.Frame.Location.X which can simplified by imageView.Frame.X.

If you add using MonoTouch.CoreGraphics; to your source file you'll get extension methods that will provide you with CGRectGetMidX replacement, e.g.

views.Bounds.GetMidX ()


imageView.frame.origin.x = CGRectGetMidX(view.bounds) - CGRectGetMidX(imageView.bounds);

should become

imageView.Frame.X = view.Bounds.GetMidX () - imageView.Bounds.GetMidX ();
  • Does CGRect.Size.Width maps with CGRect.Width also? – mr5 May 31 '17 at 8:52

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