I am trying to automate some stuff on AWS and I am using Java API to do this. I am able to launch number of instances I want, but I am unable to find the right class or method that can fetch me the current state of the instance (like running, stopped etc).

I tried this

DescribeInstanceStatusRequest describeInstance = new DescribeInstanceStatusRequest().withInstanceIds(instances.get(i).getInstanceId()); DescribeInstanceStatusResult attr = ec2.describeInstanceStatus(describeInstance); List<InstanceStatus> state = attr.getInstanceStatuses();

not sure why the instance status is a list

Can someone please point me to right API call.

Thanks in advance


I figured the issue. working code

DescribeInstanceStatusRequest describeInstanceRequest = new DescribeInstanceStatusRequest().withInstanceIds(i-xxxxxxxx);
DescribeInstanceStatusResult describeInstanceResult = ec2.describeInstanceStatus(describeInstanceRequest);
List<InstanceStatus> state = describeInstanceResult.getInstanceStatuses();
while (state.size() < 1) { 
    // Do nothing, just wait, have thread sleep if needed
    describeInstanceResult = ec2.describeInstanceStatus(describeInstanceRequest);
    state = describeInstanceResult.getInstanceStatuses();
String status = state.get(0).getInstanceState().getName();
  • Now how do I wait until Tomcat has been started on that EC2 instance? – Gilles Lesire Jan 16 '14 at 13:37
  • 1
    And if you want to get the status of all instances you can do DescribeInstanceStatusRequest request = new DescribeInstanceStatusRequest().withIncludeAllInstances(true) .withInstanceIds(instanceIds); – Damien-Amen Oct 5 '16 at 10:18

I was just looking at this issue

From the documentation (http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/APIReference/ApiReference-query-DescribeInstanceStatus.html),

DescribeInstanceStatus returns information only for instances in the running state.

So you may be waiting forever if the machine is stopped rather than restarting.

DescribeInstances (http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/APIReference/ApiReference-query-DescribeInstances.html) returns the status of all machines.

  • this is a specific use case and I knew that this is restarting or starting and not stopped. This question was posted a while ago and I am not sure if AWS API's have changed. – tazo Jan 25 '14 at 18:15

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