I want to try creating a jQuery slideshow using simple voice commands like "next" or "previous". Is there a way to use Google's voice recognition? I know about Chrome's x-webkit-speech, but I have to click a button to use it.

I tried MIT's WAMI, but I found it slower and less accurate than Google's speech cognition.


As of today this now exists, for Chrome: http://chrome.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/hello-browser.html

(api doc)

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    I've created a JavaScript library that wraps this and makes it super-easy to add voice commands to your site or app. Check it out at talater.com/annyang – Tal Ater Sep 7 '13 at 23:28

For an easy way to do this with JavaScript, check out annyang, which is a library that makes dealing with speech recognition super-easy.


The issue is what will capture your user's speech and send it some speech server for processing. x-webkit-speech is built into the browser and the browser uses the PC's sound card to capture speech. Javascript/Jquery in a browser alone cannot access the hardware devices. I do not know if Chrome exposes any x-webkit-speech objects in the DOM so you can do capture through Javascript.

That said, people have reverse engineered the Google speech api and used it from code. See http://mikepultz.com/2011/03/accessing-google-speech-api-chrome-11/ for an example.

  • I cant use it in 2015. Is there anyone who got it working? – Kiran P. Jun 17 '15 at 15:05

I found this, I have not personally used it do I don't know if it is entirely what you are looking for but take a look.



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