I hope I can explain this clearly enough, but if not let me know and I'll try to clarify.

I'm currently developing a site using ColdFusion and have a mod_rewrite rule in place to make it look like the site is using PHP. Any requests for index.php get processed by index.cfm (the rule maps *.php to *.cfm).

This works great - so far, so good. The problem is that I want to return a 404 status code if index.cfm (or any ColdFusion page) is requested directly.

If I try to block access to *.cfm files using mod_rewrite it also returns a 404 for requests to *.php.

I figure I might have to change my Apache config rather than use .htaccess


You can use the S flag to skip the 404 rule, like this:

RewriteEngine on

# Do not separate these two rules so long as the first has S=1
RewriteRule (.*)\.php$ $1.cfm [S=1]
RewriteRule \.cfm$ - [R=404]

If you are also using the Alias option then you should also add the PT flag. See the mod_rewrite documentation for details.


Post the rules you already have as a starting point so people don't have to recreate it to help you.

I would suggest testing [L] on the rule that maps .php to .cfm files as the first thing to try.


You have to use two distinct groups of rewrite rules, one for .php, the other for .chm and make them mutually exclusives with RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}. And make use of the flag [L] as suggested by jj33.

You can keep your rules in .htaccess.

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