I have the following directory structure and files.

|-- event_spec.coffee
|-- event_spec.js
|-- integration
|   `-- service
|       |-- auth_spec.coffee
|       |-- auth_spec.js
|       |-- chat_spec.coffee
|       |-- chat_spec.js
|       |-- transport_spec.coffee
|       `-- transport_spec.js
|-- message_spec.coffee
|-- message_spec.js
|-- pw_spec.coffee
|-- pw_spec.js
|-- run.coffee
|-- run.html
|-- run.js
|-- service
|   |-- auth_spec.coffee
|   |-- auth_spec.js
|   |-- chat_spec.coffee
|   |-- chat_spec.js
|   |-- stream_spec.coffee
|   `-- stream_spec.js
|-- spec.coffee
|-- spec.js
`-- stub
    |-- stream.coffee
    |-- stream.js
    |-- transport.coffee
    `-- transport.js

4 directories, 27 files

I would like to ignore all *.js files anywhere within pw-spec directory.

However, adding the following patterns to .gitignore doesn't cut it:


The problem is that the second one only matches js files that are exactly 1 level deep within the tree, while I want to match all js files under pw-spec.


ls pw-spec/**/*.js

produces [1]:


As you can see


are missing from [1].


The difference is that ** doesn't work, at least not for everyone. See

Why doesn't gitignore work in this case?

You can have a separate .gitignore in pw-spec/


There are two approaches for this type of situation, depending on your needs.

One solution is to put

# generated files

in pw-spec/.gitignore.

The second solution is to put:


and so forth in the main .gitignore file.This approach is brittle if more sub-directories are added.

I generally prefer to put the .gitignore file at the same level as the Makefile which generates the files that I am ignoring.

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    This solution still works, but as of 2013, you can do exactly what the OP tried: pw-spec/**/*.js. See this answer. – Isaac Oct 11 '16 at 16:51

Create a .gitignore in pw-spec in which you insert these two lines:


Also note that if you already have files tracked in this subdirectory which you want "untracked", you have to make them unknown to the index as such:

git rm --cached path/to/file

For instance, if in directory pw-spec you can do:

find -type f -name "*.js" | xargs git rm --cached
  • I've added .gitignore in pw-spec. However, *.js does match only direct descendants of pw-spec, and does not match .js files within subdirectories. – Emil Ivanov Jan 12 '12 at 9:39
  • Yeah, I was mixing with .git/info/exclude... Hold on – fge Jan 12 '12 at 9:42
  • See updated post, it Works For Me(tm) – fge Jan 12 '12 at 9:45
  • Hmm, that solves it. I put the .gitignore file in the parent of pw-spec because there is another dir with similar requirements (I've omitted it for brevity). If I don't find a solution I will simply use 2 .gitignore files. – Emil Ivanov Jan 12 '12 at 9:53
  • Maybe try a single .gitignore at the root with 'x/*.js' and 'x/*/*.js' for one directory 'x'? (Note: untested) – fge Jan 12 '12 at 10:02

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