Recently I installed Brew. How can I retrieve a list of available brew packages to install?


brew help will show you the list of commands that are available.

brew list will show you the list of installed packages. You can also append formulae, for example brew list postgres will tell you of files installed by postgres (providing it is indeed installed).

brew search <search term> will list the possible packages that you can install. brew search post will return multiple packages that are available to install that have post in their name.

brew info <package name> will display some basic information about the package in question.

You can also search http://searchbrew.com or https://brewformulas.org (both sites do basically the same thing)


From the man page:

search, -S text|/text/
Perform a substring search of formula names for text. If text is surrounded with slashes,
then it is interpreted as a regular expression. If no search term is given,
all available formula are displayed.

For your purposes, brew search will suffice.


Please use Homebrew Formulae page to see the list of installable packages. https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/

To install any package => command to use is :

brew install node

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