In Tumblr, the maximum image size is 500px. I want to know how to get larger images in my custom theme.

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The only complexity is including a fallback so that if no high resolution image exists, the standard size one is used. Note: these instructions are for custom theme creation, using Tumblr's theming language. It's also worth noting that this must be within a photo block {block:Photo} {/block:Photo}

This method hinges on Tumblr's {block:HighRes}. Code wrapped with {block:HighRes}{/block:HighRes} only exists if a high resolution version of the image is present.

First, hide the normal image.

<img src="{PhotoURL-500}" {block:HighRes}style="display:none"{/block:HighRes} />

Second, display the large image with a custom class.

    <img src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" class="highres">

Note: The class is necessary as you will likely need to set a maximum image width. If you don't want to mess around with custom CSS you can generally just use style="max-width:100%" within the img tag.


You can use {PhotoURL-HighRes} - it also comes with a block to detect whether there is a Hi res photo uploaded or not. Docs and details can be found here : )

Also, it's likely that you will want to differentiate between when you have uploaded a hi-res photo and not. Using blocks like this, you can have tumblr display a hi-res picture if available, and if not default to the 500px version.

    <img src="{PhotoURL-500}" alt="{PhotoAlt}"/>

    <img src="{PhotoURL-HighRes}" alt="{PhotoAlt}"/>

Note that high res photos will render at the size they were uploaded. In order to keep them behaving, it helps to add a max-width property to your image element or container in your styles.

Also, you need to enable hi-res photos from your theme options

Hope this helps!

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  • Blocks {block:IfNotContentWidth500} and {block:IfContentWidth500} not working for me. Where can be the error? Oct 31, 2013 at 19:44

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