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Calling closure assigned to object property directly

If I have a class like this:

class test{
  function one(){
     $this->two()->func(); //Since $test is returned, why can I not call func()?

  function two(){
    $test = (object) array();
    $test->func = function(){
       echo 'Does this work?';
    return $test;

$new = new test;
$new->one(); //Expecting 'Does this work?'

So my question is, when I call function two from function one, function two returns the $test variable which has a closure function of func() attached to it. Why can I not call that as a chained method?

Edit I just remembered that this can also be done by using $this->func->__invoke() for anyone that needs that.

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Because this is currently a limitation of PHP. What you are doing is logical and should be possible. In fact, you can work around the limitation by writing:

function one(){


function one(){
    $f = $this->two()->func;

Stupid, I know.

  • Heh, interesting. Thanks for the help. – Senica Gonzalez Jan 12 '12 at 15:35

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